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Liberal Opinion:
2001 Election Issues


    This Election is far from over. Remember 1984, when Andrew Peacock stormed back and snipped Bob Hawke's majority? No supporter of this Government should be thinking this is all over, and we urge caution. Beazley should pull out the usual rhetoric of saving workers and the whole world, and people should not be complacent.

    We recommend a third term for this Government, and if re-elected, John Howard should be allowed to run a full term, and half of next, if he so desires. He might have already decided to quit when he overtakes, Malcolm Fraser's second longest serving Liberal Prime Minister.

    We must remember, if the ALP lose this election, it would almost certainly see the rise of Simon Crean as leader. This could be good news for the Liberals, and would enable Peter Costello a former Treasurer to be poised in the future against a former Shadow Treasurer.

    Poll It appears our Poll on the 2001 Election issues, clearly support Immigration, Leadership and Defence as the main issues. John Howard, positioned as the leading performer on these should be well and truly favoured by this.

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