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Liberal Opinion:
ALP Leadership

    Editorial On 25 September 2001, two Opinion Polls were released showing the Coalition leading 50 to 35 and 49 to 33 on the Primary vote. A swing of 7 per cent to the Government at the Federal Election could lead to a majority of 50 to 60 seats.

    An ALP source close to Liberals.Net has outlined, that a Crean/ Kernot ticket could soon move to oust Kim Beazley to save the Party from Electoral oblivion. The move would be similar to Bob Hawke's move in 1983, when the ALP dumped Bill Hayden on the day Malcolm Fraser called the Election. Hawke's leadership was untested in the Parliament.

    The mood of the backbench is one of disbelief and worry. The insider revealed, "the move would be not so much to win the election, but to try to hold this enormous weight of a growing landslide." There is a perception amongst even the staunchest ALP grassroots, that Kim Beazley is a Nowhere Man, who afte 5 1/2 years as leader, has not revealed any real policies of substance.

    -------> Watch for this space for more on this move in the coming weeks.

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    There is a majority in the Poll whom clearly support a shift of Leadership team in the ALP. Here's some opinion.

    "In my opinion the prospect of Crean / Kernot is even more daunting than Beasley, who for all his faults, seems a decent and (for a politician) a reasonably honest man who is out of his depth. Crean seems a nasty bit of work, a 'rich privileged socailist' who knows best for others, and Kernot is so accident prone that she would be unelectable - hopefully she will lose her own seat."

    "Crean is a true Labor man...what with his ACTU roots."

    "Beazley's backed down too often."

    "I like the idea of Kernot - a woman in a leadership team"

    "Anything at this stage."

    "Ha Ha. you have to be kidding."

    "A drover's dog wouldn't lead the ALP to victory in this climate."

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