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Liberal Opinion:
One Nation Preferences

    The Poll

    An overwhelmingly majority of people in the Poll, have indicated that they would support

    People's Opinion

    "In general, I feel that One Nation should be placed last. That said, to make a blanket statement to that effect well out from an election is foolish - one must be able to place eg a NeoNazi or some other form of extremist last if they chose to appear!"

    "It's ridculous not to swap with them. If they are deemed to be a legal entity and allowed to run, then what is the difference?"

    "If the Libs do a deal with One Nation, they will keep ALP out for decades."

    "Stupidity not to."

    "The ALP want to steal the One Nation preferences in a sly way. See, what happens, is they say John Howard CANNOT do a deal with One Nation etc. After Howard is set up, One Nation then say they will do a preference against the sitting members which should hurt the Coalition more. It is a sly game, in which he gets the benefit of their preferences by being so insistent the Libs cannot do a deal."

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